Kristy Tijerina testimony

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Throughout the years, The San Antonio Education Partnership (SAEP) has helped countless students reach their goals of attending college and acquiring an academic degree. Here at the office, one of our very own has personally experienced all the great things that cafécollege has to offer and has become a walking success story.

Kristy Tijerina is a summer intern here at the San Antonio Education Partnership. She is currently a junior at the University of Texas at Austin and is working towaIMG_6590rds a degree in corporate communications. Kristy is also involved in multiple organizations, holding many prestigious roles such as director of morale for the Texas Thon charity, gateway mentor, member of the Texas Belles event planning organization, and the service chair for the Hispanic business association.

Determined to get a head start, Kristy began coming to cafécollege during her sophomore year of high school after being referred by a counselor. Here at cafécollege, Kristy was advised on issues such as how to transition from high school to college, how to complete the FAFSA and college applications, and how to apply for scholarships. She was also encouraged to become involved in high school organizations such The National Honor Society (NHS), PALs, and student council, and was advised to keep her summers busy. During the next few years, Kristy held internships and attended various workshops, seminars, and SAT/ACT prep classes all in preparation for graduation and her eventual acceptance into her dream university.

Kristy is a great example of how the San Antonio Education Partnership creates college opportunities, access and success for our community. Congratulations Kristy!