Road to Success

Through its three programmatic components, all focused on increasing San Antonio’s college enrollment, persistence, and completion rates, SAEP provides unique services to San Antonio’s students and families to help them navigate this unfamiliar, and oftentimes unknown, college-going process. Our College Access and Success Advisors are located in 29 San Antonio high schools.

Advisors five key services

Goal Setting

Helping students set and keep short-term and long-term academic, career, and attendance goals by building a collegiate culture

Career Planning

Increasing awareness of career opportunities and assisting with the planning of career paths to include increasing student knowledge and awareness of STEM fields for career opportunities in San Antonio.

College Entry and Enrollment

Increasing awareness of higher education opportunities and assisting with college entry and enrollment.

College Affordability and Financial Aid

Increasing awareness by providing information on financial aid resources and literacy, and assisting with applying for financial aid.

College Transition

Providing guidance and coaching as students transition from high school to college with confidence and success, as well as opportunities for character development, including the essential skills needed to become an effective leader.

"It meant something that someone was there to listen to me and help me. She didn’t count me out. Even with my twin daughters, she kept telling me college was possible.."
SAEP Alumnus-Class of 2013, Memorial High School